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MS was the only thing I focused on

I was diagnosed in 2007 with RRMS. I worked 12 hr days 5-6 days a week as a QA Supervisor in a food plant. The only doctor I made time for was my Neurologist. She told me over a year ago to stop working and go on disability, my job was to stressful, I never took lunch or breaks.

In March 2015 I got up at 4 am to get ready for work. When I stepped out of bed I fell, right leg was completely numb,couldn’t walk. Called the doctor that morning, she took me out of work for good. I applied for SSDI. I had to go to primary for physical and lung doctor, I had COPD and never went and had my yearly follow up there either. I blamed all my issues on MS. The last mammogram I had was 2006. I am 53 yrs old. They found a mass on my breast as well as a tumor on my right lung. Yes, I have cancer. I found out about the breast mass and lung tumor in the same week. I had the upper lobe of my right lung removed in July, the breast mass in October. The lung cancer is nsclc, the tumor was also on the outside of the lobe, stage was 1b. Breast mass was a pre-cancerous mass and has been removed in October. I had a port put in my chest in November and I am going for chemo. Tomorrow is my second dose. I get chemo every 21 days.

I cannot express to everyone to follow up with ALL YOUR DOCTORS! Don’t blame MS for everything like I did! And don’t become a work horse like I was. All that I did for them, they did away with my job after the 12 weeks FMLA ran out and short term disability! My boss wanted it extended a year, but the corporate level seen that as a money savings. They did continue to email me on the company phone for about 5 weeks, for work issues/questions. I wish I printed them off, what they did was against the law. I think when they finally realized that, they deactivated the phone and asked for it back. I never even received a get well card!
To wrap this up, I believe MS saved my life. My cancer would have spread and I would probably have been at stage 4 before I found out. Thank God for my relapse and my doctor for forcing me to pursue SSDI and finally take care of ME!!!!!

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  • Azjackie
    4 years ago

    I also want to Thank You for sharing your story. I agree you must follow your complete body in addition to your MS. I thought I was reading my story until you mentioned the demon, cancer.
    I think stress is the environmental factor activating MS. I too had a stressful career consisting of long hours, money starved business, unaccepting illegal actions of an employer.
    I kept the secret of my MS affliction to myself for 5 years. Upon explaining to my employer my illness, I was ignored.
    I was in the parking lot suffering appendicitis calling into the building for help and no one came out of the building. I drove myself to the hospital (luckily within 2 miles) to receive a text from the employer asking me when I expect to return to work. I did not know how to respond rushed to surgery.
    Returning to work was difficult but I needed the insurance to pay for my medication. I knew I would never be the same.
    My neurologist recommended SSDI with “your job is killing you”. I reflected on her comment then exactly 6 months from me telling them and the cold shoulder, I was terminated for not meeting an unrealistic quota. For 5 years the quota had not been met but I explain an illness and they calculate the expense then I get terminated?
    Anyhow, everyone should focus on their wellness. If the focus is only MS something else could creep in making you deal with additional health issues and worsening you MS symptoms.
    I wish everyone good health and life with less stress.

  • Lisa Emrich moderator
    4 years ago

    Thank you for sharing your story. I’m sorry that you are dealing with so much right now, but very glad that you are taking care of yourself. And thankful that your cancer was caught in an early stage. Best of luck with the chemo!

    You don’t need to be reminded, but please remember to take care of yourself.


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