MS Through My Daughter's Eyes

Last updated: June 2022

Through the eyes of Emma

Having a parent with Multiple Sclerosis doesn’t just affect them. It affects everyone who loves them, especially their children. My mom showed me that no matter how tough the times get, you can always find a way to manage. She deals with more than anyone should ever have to, and still raises her children and supports us. I’ve never met someone stronger and I will always look up to her. Her illness affected me very negatively for a long time, but I learned that if she can live happily with it, then I have no reason to be upset or feel bad for her. She fights harder than anyone I have ever known. I spent many nights crying worried about losing her, but I know that she will fight for as long as she can because it’s what she does. Multiple Sclerosis has taken nothing from her, because she finds ways to manage without being able to move well and always being in pain. She is my inspiration and my will. She’s the reason I will be successful in life. I couldn’t do it without you. I love you more than anything ❤️

My son Josh, myself and my daughter Emma

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