So Much to Say: Sitting in the Car

I've had MS for half my life, but this is the first time I am writing about it. Right now I am sitting in my car, in front of the doors of my son's elementary school. He is performing in the 5th Grade music show, and he plays the trumpet in the band.

I sat through the band's five songs in the handicap seats reserved for me and my husband. I can't climb bleachers, and the seats on the floor are taken by those ABLE and willing to come UNGODLY early and stand on line.

So anyway, after the band was done, I left and am now in the car while the orchestra and the chorus perform. Seriously, it is 73 degrees today, and for the first time in awhile actually pleasant out (just north of NYC).

But it doesn't matter. It is too hot in the gym, so I left. In the past (like way back last month), I would just sit with my neck fan and my cooling rags and really try to suck up the whole hour. Not today, and not anymore.

I want the families I have gotten to know over the past six years to know that I am not being rude by not sitting through an additional 40 minutes of 5th Grade music. I want all the questioning moms and dads to relax, it's all good, I just have MS and will happily give up my spot right in front and my seat right in front if you promise I don't have to fight MS for one more day.

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