Multiple Sclerosis and Me Since 2001

Last updated: September 2022

I was DX with MS in 2001. I went blind one morning and was rudely catapulted into the wonderful world of MS. It took about 6 months and a whole bunch of steroids, but I finally got my sight back.

Treating my MS like an athelete

Being a single father, MS has been an additional burden to me. I used to be a not-so-great athlete, so I decided at that point to treat MS like training for the one mile run. What I do is, is push myself to exhaustion whether walking or working in the yard at 90+. I found the next time I walk or work in the yard, I could go a little bit farther and work a little bit longer.

You need to find what works for you

Yes, I know this goes against all recommendations from the so-called experts, but it works for me. I am 76 and still walking and working in the yard after 20-plus years. I am not suggesting you do the same, but there is one thing I do know!! Once you start using a cane or a wheelchair, you may never stop using them. GOOD LUCK TO US.

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