My 9/11

How does MS affect me: on September 10, 2015. I had a MRI done of my brain and spine. Previously I'd had a MRI done of just my spine. The 1st one showed some demyelination and the second one showed even more on my brain. On the following day (September 11) I received a call from my primary care doctor. Her words sent me into total shock: "the results from your 1st MRI showed some demyelination and it was confirmed on the 2nd one." I asked her "What was confirmed"? She then told me that only those with multiple sclerosis would have demyelination and both my MRI's showed it on the spine and brain. I held the phone trying to hold back the tears but couldn't. She went on to tell me that it looks like I have MS and she'd referred me to see a specialist. I think I cried off and on for about a month and a half. I really felt that there wasn't any light at end of my tunnel. My 1st appointment with my neurologist went great. After my appointment I felt extremely informed, and saw a light of hope and faith.

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