MS My Blessing

What I learned since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis is that as many times, as God tried to get me to slow down, the only way he was able to do. It was by gifting me this. I know it doesn’t make sense to most, but my disability afforded me the ability to be more present with and for my children.

I don't view MS as a punishment

When people try to give me their sympathy when learning about my diagnosis, I thank them, but also tell them that after the months of shock and fear, I have reconciled that this is a gift, not a punishment. I have the gift of making my family, friends, strangers, the world educated about this condition.

I am a better mother

Today, I thank God every day when I wake up. Because with each new day again, I have a new experience and memory I would not have been afforded had I not been slowed down in life with this condition. This diagnosis has made me a better mother, daughter, and friend. Multiple sclerosis has taught me that disability does not mean inability. Although I may have my limitations, I have so much more to be grateful for.

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