My MS diagnosis on 04/23/2004

In January 2004, I just spent my birthday with a real bad case of stomach flu to the point of not being able to keep food or liquid down. My husband took me to the emergency room to treat my dehydration as a result.

Almost immediately, I began to experience double vision. This difficultly went away once I recovered from this flu bug. A couple of months later, the double vision returned only this time it was worse and lasted for six to eight weeks. Everybody around me noticed how my left eye was turned outwardly with my right eye in the normal position and this not only concerned them but this frightened me as well. In addition, the road lane lines appeared to converge into one lane and I had difficulty driving and reading a single line of text.

While I was suffering this double vision, I sought medical attention and after consultations with two eye doctors, my regular doctor, an MRI, and an thorough exam with an neurologist, I was officially diagnosed with MS on April 23, 2004. All these medical appointments took place in a short two week period just before my diagnosis. A week later I started my first MS medication (Copaxone). I have since been on two other MS medications (Avonex and Tysabri) and I am currently on Tecfidera. I currently experience spasticity in my left limbs, heat sensitivity, mild to moderate intermittent fatigue, and mild cognitive deficiencies.

All these symptoms present a challenge for me in my daily living, and they are largely invisible to others. Because of this, some one cannot tell I have MS at first glance.

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