My Husband Has MS

My husband was diagnosed with MS early 2002. To help him (and me) understand more - I started reading everything I could about MS --- symptoms, medication therapies, etc. We both see how it has taken a toll on him. Wish there was more I could do to help him.

I have been running a local MS support group several years. This has helped me more than anyone will ever know. Not only do we meet others that we can visit with and learn from - we are able to show other couples that it is not the end of a marriage (if the spouses don't want it to be).

I hope that those of you on this site will help me understand more about how the disease impacts you and what it is others can to to help you (listen more, learn more, hold doors open for you -vs- letting you struggle.....). The hardest part for my husband seems to be the fact that I had to re-join the workforce. It is not an issue for me. It wasn't 13 years ago and it's not now. I am sure that if I were the one with a disabling disease - he would do what needed to be done. We had been together for 12 yrs before his first episode. Thank you for letting me tell our story.

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