My Journey

My name is Amy and I was diagnosed in 1999. I had a terrible Neuro at first. I was relieved to find out I had MS because I just knew I had a brain tumor because that is what my grandfather died of. MS didn't scare me because I have a cousin that is older than me and I've always known he had it. My Dr said "You don't understand! You will be in a wheelchair in 5 years & dead in 10"

I put up with him for a year and when he kept telling me I'd get over the Avonex side effects I found another Dr. He was great!

I am on disability due to muscle weakness & cognitive problems.

I'm still mostly mobile as long as the temperatures cooperate. Too hot & I have noodle legs. Too cold I have muscle stiffness & pain.

My kids were very young when I was diagnosed so they have always known. They are the most compassionate people you will ever meet. My husband is amazing and so supportive I don't know what I did to deserve him but I thank the Lord for him everyday.

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