My life with MS

I was diagnosed in 2002. After learning about MS I probably have had symptoms for 20 yrs. I want to talk about fatigue and depression. I used to link them together. I got fired from my job in Jan. 2005. Been with company for 21 years. Had some depression after 2002. Getting fired hurt. I had given that company all I had. Sometimes before family. Some will call this BS. I was raised in a cotton mill village. You worked every day. Not because you might get fired but it your responsibility. The man give you a job. It is your responsibility to do that job. I can lay at home and feel bad or go to work and feel bad but make money. Give it all you got every day. Granted some days better than others. Work hard and get paid for it. Well that's when the depression really hit. Had a lot of stress and could not handle it anymore. Finally told my wife to get my pistol out of house. It had been my father's. The more fatigued I got the more depressed I got. Did not know how to handle not being able to do anything. Work myself to where I would stay in bed for days. Well ended up in mental hospital for 4 days. Really helped me to see that I didn't have a problem. You know what most prescribed medication is? Antidepressant. Do not be ashamed to get help. Psychiatrist can help you. Find someone you feel comfortable with. They know more about how drugs interact with each other. With MS we tend to see several specialist. Each prescribes you something and there you are. Neurologist that diagnosed me, the first piece of advice he give me. Every time you feel a twitch or pain somewhere don't rush to a Dr. The next thing you know you are taking 2 hands full of pills everyday. Please get help and you can turn it around.

Next learn to say NO. There are times you have to say no thanks. You would not believe how many times I have to change our plans because I simply am not able. My wife God Bless her doesn't complain. She has accepted me as me. She knows I want to and when I say no she knows it's just not an excuse. I even wrote out a note to my family one time but God would not let me. Oh yes if you believe let God hold your hand. Your faith can each day easier.

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