My Life with MS

I was diagnosed with MS in 1998. I had been teaching school for 13 years. A job that I loved! I had gone to college when our two daughters were teenagers. If it hadn't been for my family I could not have fulfilled my dream of teaching. They took over cooking and cleaning and my husband helped and encouraged me from the start. I was working as a teacher's aid during the day and I would leave there and go straight to class at our local university. Sometimes I wouldn't get home until 10:00 at night, then I would have to study.With their help, I was able to graduate in three years and with honors.

I have my family to thank for this. After only teaching 13 yrs I started seeing double vision. It took a while but I was finally diagnosed. I worked two more years before I had to leave teaching. I cried every year when school would start. I did the right thing I know because I would be much worse if I had stayed under the stress that teaching causes.

The worst thing about MS is that any little stress can throw me into an exacerbation. Many people don't understand that I have to rest so much or that I have to cancel plans at the last minute. I am one of the lucky ones to be blessed with a husband that does understand and always takes care of me. My daughters try to shield me from stress, but that's not always possible.

I'm so glad there are places like these that we can go and talk to others that understand what each other are going through. :)

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