My Mom!

My mom was diagnosed with ms in 1986. She had been in remission for 26 years.

She has had 3 relapses since December 16th of 2012. This last one left her unable to walk or stand. And as I write this we are in a nursing home doing PT, OT,and speech.

Back in 1986 ms took her site. She was able to do everything for herself, a normal life. The one thing she enjoys is sewing but with her hands having spasm, her right hand is uncontrollable,so she uses her left hand for everything, and yes she was in the choir too. My mom is a trooper she doesn't give up at all, my mom is 71 years old.

I have been reading a lot about her condition, I don't know what type of ms she has yet. I just want her to be able to stand.

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