My MS Journey

Last updated: September 2022

When I was 40 years old, now I am 77, I had my first MS attack. I was walking down the street at a holiday resort in AB. My left leg gave out and fell on the sidewalk but saved the cones. When I got home went to the doctor because I was losing my feeling in my left leg. My doctor sent me to Calgary for some tests. Do not remember what tests since that was 37 years ago. Then it went into remission for 15 years.

Seeing double

Then went to drive the school bus. You need a medical for a class 2 license. At the end of the school year, I started to see double in my left eye. When my license came due at the end of July, my license could not be renewed because of my double vision. To this day, my left eye is dead. Then I started to have more problems.

My symptoms progressed quickly

I was having pain in my face. I could not talk or shave. Put me on different kinds of pills Gabapentin 6 pills a day worked for a year. Then I had what they call a grand mall seizure. We were on our way to Edmonton, and I was not driving. They took me to the nearest hospital, which was Killim. Could not do anything there. They thought I was having a stroke. From there they took me by ambulance to Camrose hospital. From there, they took me to U of A hospital in Edmonton. This is what I was told. 4 days later I woke up. Went back home to Rosemary AB. They put me on Keppra pills 4 a day.

When I received my MS diagnosis

I was told by my doctor in Edmonton I had the MS so many years ago that caused the seizure. For about 3 years things were not going too bad. Then I started to have pain in my face, not constant but quite often. They put me on different pills. Like increase Keppra and 3 Baclofen amitriptyline.tremest, tegretrol which I am allergic. Now the last resort was to have what the doctor was going to do what she called MgFus but could not find any tech to run the MRI machine for. Then I got a call from U of A hospital in Edmonton they could due what is called Gamma operation. Now after 3 months later I have no more pain. What a relief.

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