My MS nightmare

I have had ms for 7 years now. Everything in my life has changed dramatically. I can usually go without a relapse for 2 years depending on my stress levels. I was in the army. Loved it very much and it was going to be my career. I joined after high school. I had the tone of my life. I never expected to experience this life long terror. I had to get out of the army in 2010 after my diagnosis in 2009. I have 3 children though and was a full time college student and had a full time job. Needless to say I was overdoing it a lot. My husband of 5 years divorced me. He said he was not able to handle my disease. Then he used that same reason to take my children from me because of my MS. After falling into deep depression I was driven to drugs. It was spice and marijuana. I got help I don't do it anymore. I have had to retrain my mind to not always think so negatively. I have been homeless before I've finally called my mom to help me. She drove all the way to NC from KY and brought me to Kentucky. Unfortunately after a week after arriving, I had a relapse and went into the hospital where I spent 3 weeks. From there I went into a nursing home for 3 months for their rehabilitation program. At that point I had to relearn how to talk and walk. I was struggling with feeding myself. Although all this happened I have dealt with it accordingly. It's how you think about it. It has taken me so long to get my mind to this point but I won't let ms define me or win.

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