MY MS story

I was diagnosed with MS in April of 2011.

Now my story begins with me having a colon scope in September of 2010. I had never experience any symptoms that I new of other than some dizziness and that all that had happened to me.

After the scope hours after the medicine had wore off I had trouble with clear speech and gait walking was off. I then was admitted to the hospital the next day and they told me I had conversion disorder.

Many months passed and I saw several doctors and then found my current nerolgist. He took a look at my MRI that I had done when I was admitted to the hospital. He could see the lesions but wanted to have a spinal tap and when the results showed positive we had a clear result of MS. Now i am on a daily shot of Copaxone to slow down the process of MS.

One thing is a MS patient has to be careful in the heat because the heat causes the body tempature to rise cause the MS to flare up. The other thing is to not try to do all of the activities that you was able to do be MS set in your life. Try to eat more fish and chicken in your diet.

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