My Son is Miserable

I think my 29 year old son has MS. He's had issues for the last ten years. Started with a bladder infection. Had a cystoscopy and was fine. Had problems with ears ringing and bothering him but attributed it to loud noise cutting wood. I think it was a cat scan he had and it was normal. He's had numbness and pins and needles in his face. I think the doctor said it was probably due to sinus or something. He had palpitations and was light headed and the doctor sent him to the ER and all blood work and EKG was normal and he figured it was to do with the workout energy mix he was taking. Seems anytime something happened, it was always attributed to something or other and a doctor would give him a weird look and write a prescription that usually didn't help. He has sometimes ignored some symptoms as he hasn't had much faith in doctors and he said exercise usually helped how he felt.

Now he has his neck with pain and was referred to a rheumatologist which he sees tomorrow. But his head is bothering him and all of a sudden it's worse than the neck. Not sure if it's brain fog but it makes him where he doesn't care to read or do much. He has been crying off and on the last two days, which is not something he usually does and it's really hard to watch my grown son cry like that knowing I can't help. I'm so worried.

It's taken him over a month to get this appointment. I just wonder how long he has to suffer. He doesn't have insurance either. I think he's scared that he won't ever get better and he is blaming himself for not getting this checked out sooner. I keep telling him to hang in there and we will get a diagnosis and maybe they can treat him with something that really will help him for once. I just feel so helpless. I am so overwhelmed and worried. Guess I'm just venting. Thanks for listening and if anyone can think of anything helpful, please advise. Thanks

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