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In 2008 I was in an auto accident. I’ve had problems since that day. I saw two pain management doctors and was not any better. My doctor ordered an MRI of the brain and results showed how I could have MS. Upon seeing the neurologist I was told no. I tried medicines and I could not function right. I left college because I was getting worse and I wanted to find out what was wrong with me.

Two years had gone by and I felt like I was going nuts. My Primary Care Physician left to open her practice and I had to find a new doctor. My new doctor, he told me to go back to my neurologist and have them check me out again because the diagnosis isn’t right. I cried and was upset thinking here I go again. I went to see a new neurologist in April 2013 and he did another MRI however he was not satisfied and chose to do a lumbar injection. With this test results came out positive for MS.

I did cry due to the outcome but I was also happy because I now know what is wrong. I had started the right therapy right away and I still get sick but I have an awesome family! We are learning together and everyone is helping me out to make my life easier. I feel blessed to have them!!

I have learned to listen to my body; this is so hard for me. My support team (family and doctor) are making sure I do.

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