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My Story

In 2008 I was in an auto accident. I’ve had problems since that day. I saw two pain management doctors and was not any better. My doctor ordered an MRI of the brain and results showed how I could have MS. Upon seeing the neurologist I was told no. I tried medicines and I could not function right. I left college because I was getting worse and I wanted to find out what was wrong with me.

Two years had gone by and I felt like I was going nuts. My Primary Care Physician left to open her practice and I had to find a new doctor. My new doctor, he told me to go back to my neurologist and have them check me out again because the diagnosis isn’t right. I cried and was upset thinking here I go again. I went to see a new neurologist in April 2013 and he did another MRI however he was not satisfied and chose to do a lumbar injection. With this test results came out positive for MS.

I did cry due to the outcome but I was also happy because I now know what is wrong. I had started the right therapy right away and I still get sick but I have an awesome family! We are learning together and everyone is helping me out to make my life easier. I feel blessed to have them!!

I have learned to listen to my body; this is so hard for me. My support team (family and doctor) are making sure I do.

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  • audreysue
    6 years ago

    I am so happy for you that you have a supportive family! I have been diagnosed with MS for 33 years and luckily also had positive support from those around me. As you probably know this illness is so variable, from person to person and even from minute to minute. Fatigue has been my most persistent symptom but in this long time I have experienced many other common and not so common symptoms. The best advice I ever got (from a woman who had MS for 20 years when we spoke back in 1979)was to Pace myself and to Push myself. Pace so that I could do things with my kids or now grandkids while making sure to get rest in between, push so that I don’t just sit on the couch and read a book because we all need to make that extra effort to join activities the rest of the family might want to do.
    Tho I now have added urinary problems to my constant varying fatigue, I just have to be more aware of that issue and pace that as well. 33 years ago I feared I would end up in a wheelchair and die in 10 years as had happened to a friend of my parents. Happily tho I use a cane that did not become my fate and I think the positive attitude that woman passed on to me has helped keep me out of that nightmare I feared.
    Listening to your body as you said is so important, and then good luck and positive support only can help.

  • Theresa author
    6 years ago

    To have a supportive family is great but I feel like I am in the way at times. Fatigue has been a major facture for me as well and all of my joints hurt. I still try to clean an I am still trying to keep up with crafts. I love to crochet and cross stitch and I have a hard time but I will not give it up. I don’t really have urinary problems except I have to go all the time, every where I go I run to the bathroom, lol. I am very greatfull to have my husband and our children. I fear I would need a wheelchair and right now I use a cane. I wish you and your family all of the luck in the world. Have a very Merry Christmas and New Year!!

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