My story... sort of

Hi everyone here, I have written here before but mostly just read. I was reading how the heat affects people with MS, I have found that the cold is so much worse for me!! The heat not much at all. hum? I was diagnosed with MS about four/five years ago, my first symptoms were at about ten at night while my husband and myself were relaxing watching a little TV. I started to feel a tight feeling in my chest and torso and of course my mind went straight to I am having a heart attack, so we went to the ER and they ruled all of the usual things that cause those symptoms and told me to see my regular doctor, that it seems like I have some sort of nerve damage. Of course my husband was for lack of a better word... flipping out, I wasn't concerned, so to shorten this story after about two years of seeing doctors I was finally diagnosed!! Still to this day my husband still flips out when I have visible symptoms. me,i take it in stride, & I know it is what it is and to just live my life as fully as possible and enjoy each day, no pity party here, I hope others with MS can see their way to do the same for themselves.

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