my m.s. story

In 2004, at age 21 I lost the vision in my left eye making it impossible to do my job (test fire guns)!! I went to an eye doctor who then sends me to the hospital after diagnosing me with optic neuritis. Why? Is all I could say? I then had an m.r.i and the final diagnosis of ms.

So now what? I went through the static of applying for disability and with no answer for 5 years, my life had changed drastically!! I lived in denial during those 5 years experiencing massive amounts of pain in my hips.

Little did I know, the steroids used to put me in remission would cause such distress! Avascular Necrosis is what the doctors said I had "another disease." My hips (BOTH) needed to be replaced! So within 3 months of each other, I did it!

Now I feel so much better, the pain has subsided. Now I have 112 lesions and do my best to stay as positive as possible trying to be a mother of an 8 yr old boy!!!!

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