Nadine's 41 year story

I was diagnosed with MS in 1975 at the age of 22 years. WOW what was happening to me? I knew very little about this disease and soon learned there were not many resources to turn to for information. My neurologist was not much help in answering questions and I do not know if he just didn't know what to tell me or didn't want to scare me. He did tell me that my brain was inflamed and just go home and not worry unless I had more issues. This was after being hospitalized for a week, numerous tests ie: spinal tap, EEG, EMT and then being sent home to "take it easy". How was that possible? I found that after I was home, I could not hold a gallon milk jug, I couldn't carry grocery bags, I was walking a bit slower and just was not quite as energetic as before.

Then the numbness of my right side abated and I was normal again! I thought, at the time, being young and probably a bit ignorant, that I was going to be fine! Just one incident and I was good to go! Wrong! Move forward a couple years, new neurologist, new symptoms and another spinal tap. This confirmed that I did have multiple sclerosis. So I did a little research and found this was for the rest of my life! Now what? My husband, at the time, was not ready to be in this scenario for the the long haul. We were divorced (a big stress) and I was on my own! Still being young and energetic I was not going to let this get me down.

After a few moves to get my life resettled, I found a new boyfriend, now my husband of 35 years. We have endured many ups and downs, made it through 2 pregnancies successfully and all the trials of life in general.

There have been many stories over these years that life has thrown our way. I feel that a positive attitude and living life at a little slower pace has kept me going. I am on a DMT drug that seems to keep my symptoms low, try to eat healthy meals, attend yoga classes, and go many of the places I like. It is a slower pace now, as I don't walk as well as before, my energy level is quite a bit slower than when I was young, and my cognitive sense is declining.

Through the years, since my diagnosis, there has been much research done, new treatments, new testing, including MRI's, which I have had many, and a lot of public awareness.

There is still a little uneasiness, though, as quickly as my life changed when I was diagnosed 41 years ago. I could wake up one morning, unable to walk and start this journey all over again.

There have been many other incidents, that I have not included, but I just wanted to tell a short version of my experience.

Nadine Wise

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