Natural way is it the only way???

Hi my name is Phil diagnosed in 2003 with progressive MS told by my neurologist I would be statistically in a wheelchair 2008. Still not, but still slowly degrading. Using a cane when i go out and a walker around the house. I am like alot of us tried Tysabri and felt worse. Have been using LDN since 2004 when the fatigue was so bad thinking of leaving work. Since then the LDN has let me work until 2011. I then was managed out of my Accountant's job when one of the top 500 companies in Australia expected me to work 80 hours and then gave me a warning that i wasn't performing I left that day. I have separated from my wife in 2012 December and we are still good friends which is good for my 4 children and me.
I have always thought that i can cure myself of this disease and will keep thinking this way until the day i die. I have a sickly family mother has Parkinson father died from cancer sister got over cancer. Only healthy one is my 20 year raw foodist vegan brother. I weighed 145kg when diagnose i am 6'3" but this is still obese so first thing i did was follow the swank protocol for MS and lost 60kg in 12 months (low fats) down to 85kg for 4 years. Then started searching went to a health retreat in Qld Australia, went on a 30 day juice fast which enabled me to throw away my walking stick for 6 months after using it for a year. Went on an avatar 10 day course to help me with the way I thought, it was very enlightening.
Had CCSVI operation and surgeon didn't know what to do with a valve that was blocked should have destroyed it. Now am following Dr Terry Wahls protocol and I am trying to get rid of sugar from my diet as fructose is causing gout in me. Dr Wahl won't say it but she has cured herself of the symptoms the underlying disease is still there.
I was disheartened by the medical community so I decided to become a naturopath which is going well have 3 HD 1 D and a credit and after this semester I should have 3 more HDs, which proves to me that my previous employers managed me out of the business but it was the best thing that has happened for me. It enabled me to get a flat unit put a swim spa in that uses only ionized silver and copper and no chemicals. I try to use it daily along with a treadmill, exercise bike, weights and an abdoer. I presently weigh 110kg but am looking to get back to 85kg. I have made 3 raised garden beds where I get 50-70% of my organic veggies from. I am positive by nature an won't give in. I take responsibility for what is wrong with me and it is up to me to heal myself with assistance from GPs, Chiros, massage therapists an Naturopaths. I am disillusioned by double blind studies as i find a lot of bias in them take Ancel Cherry's study on high fats and the relationship to cardiovascular disease he started with 21 countries but published with only 7 countries he didn't like the results of fourteen countries (this is where the low fat protocol comes from and as a society we are the fattest we have ever been) his personnel bias and in a lot of other studies the $ bias dictates the result. I prefer a large base of anecdotal evidence. Like why is homeopathy so popular in Europe is it because it is based on more faith than science. Anecdotal evidence from 1831 after the Napoleonic wars 59 percent of patients treated conventionally for cholera died where as 2.4% to 21.1% died under homeopathic care.(Homeopathy handbook. 1990 Miranda Castro Pg.6) Is this why GP's prescribe a homeopathic treatment in Germany as well as conventional prescription. There is a place in my view for complementary medicine besides conventional medicine and the more I study it the more amazed I am. I believe the Hippocratic saying make medicine your food and food your medicine.
Take care with yourself and God Bless.
As always the above is my opinion and my life it is up to all of us to travel out own journeys with the assistance of your medical practitioner. This has not been review by the FDA or AMA.

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