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I was first diagnosed in the late 80s buy a brain MRI but when sent to a neurologist was told I didn't have MS and because of migraines again in the mid 2000 had another brain MRI which showed lesions on the brain and was told they was probably from the migraines since I have had them since childhood. After sleeping about all of my adult life away so much my partner called my bed my coffin. I ended up having deteriorated disk surgery cause I couldn't walk anyway in 2014 another brain MRI showed MS the doctor put me on tecfidera and it made a world of difference but as one would say all thing's come to an end and because of all the other health problems it started to affect my stomach so now I have to cut back on the dosage and it's just not the same. Now to stop rambling on what I want to know is anyone else being sent from doctor to doctor just to be told I don't do or care for this or that but I can send you to this doctor. I'm tired of it and don't know where to turn.

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