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Never Give Up, We Are Strong

I was diagnosed with MS at the age of 14 and I'm 45 now. I use a cane to walk now. When I was told I had MS at 14, I was at that time the youngest ever and MS wasn't really known as it is now. All I wanted to know if I was going to die.

Never give up

I was walking to the table for breakfast and passed out. My head hit the table hard I don't remember feeling any of that so my mom rushed me to the ER and all that where I was told I had MS. My folks were crying. I didn't have any idea what MS was at that time. I've been on all the abc drugs and infusion and Rebif, too. Not easy.

I have now secondary MS progression. I tell everyone I'm a trained professional at falling, don't try these tricks at home. I'm totally disabled now and I miss working big time. I've been disabled for about 25 years now. It sucks but I never give up either.

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