New and Confused

I have just recently been diagnosed with MS. It hit hard at first and i can't stop thinking, why me? I lost my mom in a accident almost 3 years ago and just recently turned 21. Mid-march, I started to go blurry in my right eye and two days later I was completely blind in that same eye. After waiting for my sight to return, and being disappointed, I saw more doctors than I can count and have been poked with needles more than ever before. I had Optic Neuritis. My eye hurt which felt like headaches and here I am 1 month later with no full sight yet. When my Neurologist did MRI's, they located a small lesion on my T2 spine. They told me I have early RRMS. They've told me I can go years without an attack and yet, every time i stutter when talking or run into an object out of clumsiness, I cant help but ask if its the MS. I'm a VERY positive person and I never stop smiling so I refuse to let this take control of the life I'm just starting to live. It just takes some reminding sometimes.

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