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New for me and my loved ones

I was diganosed with MS June 1st 2013.

Since then i seem to be the only one who is doing my research. I still have a million questions. It seems i get a new sympthm once a week. The dizziness, the pain, the itching, the headaches.

All i am told is from my family “suck it up”. I wonder if they had MS and know what i am going though they would a different attitude. Im still trying to deal with this.

Now i am scared that i am getting depressed!!!!!

I don’t know what to do.


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  • hozelda
    6 years ago

    > HELP

    Keep the faith and keep researching. I think you will eventually realize through your research that you can always improve your diet, *particularly* your intake/acquisition of Vitamin D3.

    I found the “advice” above helped me with my pain, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and other problems.

  • lalyhe
    6 years ago

    Hi Jamie –

    I can relate to family/friends telling you to just push forward, they know someone else and they’re doing fine, etc…. and it’s hard to tell them any different. We don’t look any different since our diagnosis, so I don’t think they expect us to feel any different…

    I was just diagnosed in January of this year at 43. It’s been a hard pill to swallow, but my husband has been a SAINT! I just try to keep a positive attitude and do what I can do!
    You can make it, don’t let the MS pull you down… it’s something we have to live with at this point, it’s become a part of us, so stay positive!

    I’m struggling with issues walking mostly, but I still go to work, drive a car, cook and clean and try to enjoy myself on the weekends!

    I’m happy to chat if you ever need to!

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