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I woke up one day in June of 2016 to zero mobility in my left leg. I have went through 4 MRI'S, had my blood tested for approximately 30 different things, AER, SER, VER, EEG, EMG, sleep apnea, and other tests. my ER doctor, my neurologist, and my general doctor all think I have MS. My neurologist said he has done all of the testing as a process of elimination before doing the spinal tap. all test have came back normal except for the fact that I am low on vitamin D and B12. I also suffer from arthritis, diabetes, and neuropathy among other things. I have many symptoms of MS which some are the same as other symptoms from other diseases. However I have a few symptoms that are only caused from MS. I am currently awaiting my insurance approval to do the spinal tap. Once the doctor is able to get the results from that test I will get a diagnosis. I am almost positive that it will show I have MS. I am scared at what all MS has in store for me. I don't like the intestinal symptoms that I have dealt with thus far. And the brain fog is very frustrating at times. So I guess without going into too much detail... this is the start of my MS story.

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