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New at all this!!!

Yes, I have MS…I woke up on 05/30/13, walked into my kitchen at 5 AM, like I do every morning to make coffee and at just the flip of the light switch on, is where it all began. My eye sort of fluttered. I didn’t think anything of it, other than an eye twitch. The following morning it happened again. This time, I covered my right eye and noticed that my left eye had a blurry line going across. I blinked several times, trying to make the blur “go away”, but it didn’t. The next 24 hours I continued to “test” my left eye by covering my right eye. By Saturday morning I knew something was wrong.

My father is a doctor, my mother a nurse, so I called them. My dad (a psychiatrist) thought I might have a sty. I felt like my eye was getting worse so by that evening I called and made an appointment with my optometrist. I got a young “on call” doc who told me to hurry to the clinic–she was thinking I might be having retinal distachment. By the time I got to the clinic I was in full panic-mode, scared something horrible was happening.

This night was the first time I heard the words optic neuritis. I was encouraged to get an MRI, to test for MS. I didn’t even know what that was (other than I knew Montell Williams had it). Within the next week I had an MRI, confirming MS, I had 3 days of IV steroids for my eye. My eye eventually healed (pretty quickly) and 10 days ago I started Tecfidera. My world has been rocked, but so far, I have NO SYMPTOMS!!! Yes, I am blessed, but I am scared too, of the unknown. I have had no side-effects from now being on meds for the first time in my life (I’m 45) so everyday I wake up not sure what to expect. I wasn’t sure if I should start meds without ever having symptoms but my neurologist said it will “slow the progression”…so of course I opted to start.

I hate being afraid of the unknown…is there any hope? Do some of you with MS have little or no sysmptoms?????

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    6 years ago

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