New to this and THANKS!!!!

Hello everyone! I have to say this is all very new to me. I never thought about writing a blog and definitely never thought about MS. Well, I guess life is truly full of surprises because here I am writing and I have been recently diagnosed with MS (May 9, 2013). I am so worried, frustrated and confused. I am really not sure if what I am experiencing is MS or is every day life (age).

So!!!! What is next? .........

I am afraid and worried for my husband and children (7 and 13). Will they have to take care of me? Will I be wheel chair bound? will I be able to continue to participate in family events.

I am afraid that I will lose my job. How can you teach when you can't remember words- or find the words you need? How can you teach with your mobility failing and changing daily.

I am afraid that when my vision acts up it want come back, that the tingling and burning sensations in the legs wont stop, that I will have to explain to another person that I have MS even when I don't look sick. (ie why I have handicap stickers to those of you rolling your eyes when I park in the spot)

I guess you can say I am just afraid. I know I should not worry about tomorrow and live for today. But how? How do you not stress? How do you enjoy in pain? How do you love when a hug hurts? How do you____? ( filling in your own blank)

I really do love this site because you continually let me see that what I am experiencing is normal. You have helped me through reading your personal stories. I have truly been helped. Thanks to all of you.
I know I will not be healed but I have been HELPED and that is the greatest blessing I can ask for.

Things I have learned:

1. Walk slower but smile more,
2. Distance hugs are just as good as close up hugs,
3. Heat, Copaxone, ice, benadryl and bio freeze are the best,
4. Don't be super women just be you,
5. Swim to relax even when you don't know how to swim,
6. Forget about what others think, do, or say about you,
7. And, enjoy every spoon you have (read the article spoon theory if you have not).

So please keep your blogs coming because I need all the help I can get!!!!!!

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