No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

After my treatments with myriad drugs and healthy foods, I decided to take my act on the road to New York City, unfortunately the day for President Trump to address the UN. Right around the corner from the MS Society's office on 3rd Ave. That made trying to get a ride and exiting the city nearly impossible for a differently abled person such as myself. Equipped with my iPhone, nearly out of charge and my wits clearly frazzled by dealing with the pace and fervor of Manhattan during the evening rush, I ordered a ride from Lyft. It took close to an hour just to get my ride home.

Now the fun begins. Franklin was the infamous driver Lyft sent to pick me up and return me to my home in NJ. He picked me up after some time, helped me into his car and proceeded to drive me back to my home in suburban NJ. We drove back slowly but we got there. Franklin was unhappy with my request to change the radio station and expressed this to me. Then I called the route he was taking once we got through the tunnel into question.

I have never been a patient person but after the long day I had I was visibly upset by the rote he was takIng me and started to express my displeasure banging the armrest in the car to emphasize what I was saying.

Franklin was so upset by me and the current situation that he stopped the car in Jersey City and ordered me to exit the vehicle. What else could I do but plead with him not to do this. So I got out and ordered another ride home.

I finally got back to my home in NE NJ and have been 'cooling off' since that incident. Now I hope the powers that be read my story and prevent a similar experience from happening to other MS heroes. God bless.

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