I had no idea you had MS! It doesn't look like it!

Like many diseases, multiple sclerosis does not have a certain "look", nor does it affect only a certain "people". Too often, I receive comments from people that center around this idea that it is impossible for me to have a chronic illness. It is possible that because I exercise 5-6 times a week, contribute to my church and their various functions, and that I smile almost always, it is unlikely that I would be considered "sick". In fact, I am not sick. My active and healthy lifestyle, along with my diligence in my treatments is what makes me person I am today. When I first met my fiance, I had to explain to him that I had MS. His initial response was "oh, you have a Masters in Science? In what?" A cute response, but sadly he was unaware what the illness was. After "YouTubing" what MS was, he said "Wow, Paris you do not look anything like these people in the video!" With that response, I learned that there needs to be more education on MS. MS does not have a look, if it did it would be its own person.

I have MS, it does not have me.

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