No more stairs to do laundry

I've lived in my current house for about 22 years, and have a washer and dryer in the basement, which is getting harder and harder for me to go up and down the stairs. I just bought a new condo, that has the washer and dryer in the master bathroom, behind folding doors. The condo is located on a slab, so there are no steps to deal with. I was looking for the ideal place for me to live out my life with this M.S. disability, and finally found it. I just got it painted and bought some new furniture to make it my home. I was diagnosed with M.S. back in 1996, and started taking disease modifying drugs in 2000. I was taking injections of Rebif 3 times a week until this August, at which time my neurologist informed me that the Rebif was not helping any more. My lesions have increased and she is seeing signs of brain atrophy. I then changed to Tysabri infusions, and am now on my 5th infusion with no issues. I worked for Bank of America for 30+ years, and will be officially retired in April 2015. I have also applied for disability, and will hear something in December. I stopped driving after having a seizure last year from the drug Ampyra. I had an accident and if I didn't hit the oncoming car, there were kids playing in the street ahead, so I thought it would be safer for everyone if I just didn't get behind the wheel. I used to run cross- country in high school, was in the Army and ran miles every day, but now I can't even walk a half mile without being totally fatigued. M.S. is not something I would suggest giving anyone as a stocking stuffer, but it is what it is.

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