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Not expecting

When I was 14 winter was coming so my mom was talking about getting a flu shot. I thought that'd be a good idea especially with being in school. So I got the shot. I felt a little sick as is normal but I was at gym the next day and doing some running and then basketball. It then hit me, there were spots in my vision were I couldn't see. I thought that was odd. I told my gym teacher who happened to be a relative and I was excused.

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I went to the pay phones and called my mom to come get me. She ran me to our orthopedic doctor and he could tell something was going on called Optic Neuritis (forgive the spelling.) He set up a system where a nurse would come over and put in a needle that would stay in my arteries for a number of days while I received Prednisone at times of the day and also night. It was a bad time for me. Looking into my family history my mother's uncle had M.S. and died from it. I was diagnosed with it not long after.
I am 28 now and pushing through.

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