Not going to give in... EVER!

When I was diagnosed with MS, I was falling a lot. At work and at home. I went to my family doctor who had ordered a MRI. The time waiting to have the test done was nerve racking. I still was falling and the one of last falls was at my job. Finally the day arrived for the MRI. So the test was done. Now the week of waiting. I called the doctors office because it was a Friday morning and I had a neurologist the following Monday. You know its going to be bad when the doctor calls you back himself. Which mine did. My husband and I went to the office and he broke the bad news to me. My health got worse after the news. I gave up driving on my own. I didn't go any where except to work. When I needed something at the store if they didn't have a electric cart I won't go. My stamina was very poor.

Almost exactly a year after my news, my husband had to have a triple by-bass. Not only was I beaten down by the MS. Now, I have to become a care giver to my husband. So I did. Shortly after that I finally had a day where I could get some much needed rest.

I finally had a some serious thoughts about what exactly I needed to do. First get into the frame of mind that MS is not going to win. Second lose a ton of weight. Finally, Stop complaining. See people ask all the time, How are you? A lot of them really don't want to hear "OH, my legs are bad or I have problems making it to the bathroom."

See I have always be a strong woman NOT only body as well as in wit. That was still there I just needed to find it again. So once I realized it I stopped drinking Pepsi which I drank all the time. I started walking more with a cane. We were also blessed because we became grandparents for the first time. I didn't want her to see me at 44 getting worse.

So I have lost almost a 100 pounds and now the proud grandmother of 4. Having 3 grandsons and 1 granddaughter there is no time to rest.

I occasionally use my cane. I can walk the stores with out it. I don't let my MS run my life! I run with it and I am winning.

Whatever it throws at me I am ready for it. Stay strong in body and mind and NEVER lie down to it. Sure someday will come where I will get worse BUT that day is not today nor tomorrow. It is light years away for me!

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