Do not understand Doctors unable to find MS Doctor

I have had MS since 1992, one year after my son was born he is now 26 with Autism. I have been under multiple doctor's care, I was just kicked out of pain management because I argued with the doctor whom I had never seen before. I was taking oxycodone tmg 4 day and soma for muscle relaxer due to I'm allergic baclofen, biaxin flexiril never worked and I was on 50mcg fentenal patch and yes i was doing so much better, I have lesions in spine and am always hurting. Doctors here in Juneau Ak do not care nor will they help. I have had two strokes related to MS I have all my doctor notes and yet Doctors wont help me because I have MS they don't know what to do. Doctors are now afraid to prescribe the needed meds and yes each person does react differently to same pain what works for one might not work for the other. I was reading a story by a person called Devin can't find the article but he described exactly how I feel. I just wish some doctor would help me and get me back on meds that help plus I need an advocate my husband and I do not know what to do. I have been married to a wonderful man for 32 years he is my crutch but doctors feel threatened by him because he gets upset that they are not helping me. Thank god for the AVONEX grant that has helped pay for the weekly shots which cost 5200.00 a month if anyone has any suggestions. Feel free to contact. My name is Shirley. Thanks for listening,

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