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I had migraines since about 8 years old. The Aura and my arm would flip around. That's back in the sixties, parents figured probably I'd grow out of it. By 28 I periodically would lose control over my legs and arms. Like some thing heavy on them. I spoke to a doctor was told to take Tylenol. Go figure! I was a busy single mom then, after being told to toughen up I desperately did that. I was so afraid of losing my job I drove to work sometimes using my left arm and leg, I was only a grocery store worker greed wasn't the issue it was fear and accepting I had something medically wrong. I was finally diagnosed in 2013 after losing my job my home relapse was there. After moving now in 2017 it's a day to day challenge. In my new town of Chico CA I'm looking forward to seeing a change. I'm looking forward to getting help now I need treatment. It's very Hot in summer here. Last summer I had such a horrible time with being hot. It kept causing panic and anxiety. Not to mention pain in my hands and rib cage. One family member said I'm being weak lazy etc. Toxic. That didn't hurt it made me stronger.

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