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Numbness Affecting Walking

I have been affected by numbness that deters my walking. My right knee is numb to the point that I have to use a walker to get around. It is unsafe for me not to use this walker, because I may fall down if I avoid using it. I’ve had MS since 1992 and feel that I am moving towards the SPMS stage. I just want a cure for MS.


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  • Donna Steigleder moderator
    5 months ago

    @dvierarm92 So sorry to hear that you think you have reached that stage. Please continue t use your walker for your own safety; falls can be so dangerous. Take care and God Bless.

  • StephanieEVC
    5 months ago

    The walker has been my godsend in this. Without it when I was hit hard and diagnosed with MS last year I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere at all. Crawling is a norm now but only safe indoors.

  • Fawsiya
    5 months ago

    Hi Daniel, I’m sorry to hear of your struggles. This is a cruel disease we have. There is a sort of cure but it’s expensive and invasive-autologous stem cell transplantation or even bone marrow transplant. Rewriting the immune system entirely. Can’t say it is a definite cure or just a stopgap unfortunately.

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