Old Age and MS

I was diagnosed when I was around fifty plus.
I was on Copaxone for ten years.
It was quickly apparent to me that my MS specialist and the MS "nurse" at the hospital weren't particularly interested in me because of my age.
Now I am 77 and often I feel lonely and irrelevant, which is very hard as not so long ago I was active and social.
What happens to the older members of the MS club?
Is there a forum that I could join?
Years back I went to a group but most were in wheelchairs with carers......... I'm not, and felt out of place. Now I have a part-time helper...
When I can, I paint and enjoy my garden, bursting with flowers in spite of the intense heat. I enjoy music and sometimes opera.
I have a wonderful trainer once or twice a week often not.
It is a daily battle with depression.
Interestingly my family (6 grand children) live very close by........but I see them rarely. Not having the energy to cook or cope with the noise level means they are are here , but, not here.

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