Old Age - New Drug

I was diagnosed at 53 with RRMS after an episode of Diplopia.

My husband and I were ripping up our kitchen floor (it was dreadful) in 90 degree temperatures. You can imagine and looking back, it now makes sense why I get woozy in hot temperatures (despite the fact I love the heat).

Initially prescribed Copaxone almost immediately after the MRI (which showed lesions in my brain). I have been taking the daily shots since June of 2010. After recently experiencing tingling in my feet when my head was bent (later diagnosed as something called Lhermitte's sign), an MRI discovered I now had lesions on my spine.

My Neuro suggested changing my medication to something stronger. I am currently awaiting approval from my health coverage for Tecfidera, an oral medication just recently FDA approved.

There are actually three medications just recently approved - Tecfidera is supposed to have the least side effects.

I am keeping as optimistic as I can and keeping my fingers crossed that payment for this is approved and hopefully Tecfidera can stall this disease a little longer for me.

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