Old Fashioned?

I found out I had MS 15 years ago. Since then my life has changed to say the least. I have been on Betaseron, then Avonex, then Rebif and back to Avonex. MRI's show no changes and so apparently the medication is working but the idea of taking a pill over a injection sounds pretty good. But I don't cause I am one of those, if it ain't broke don't fix it. Right? I am seeing a new neurologist next month and I can't wait cause is it just me or am I the only MS patient who has trouble breathing sometimes. Not all the time just sometimes. Weird huh? I have chest x rays and they say my lungs are fine. I went to a specialist and he ran every breathing test on me and he said I passed all with flying colors. Twice. Either it has something to do with my MS or I cram for test awesome. :) Anybody have ideas?

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