One Woman Wolf Pack..??

Upon receiving your diagnosis, the doctors usually mention how there's support groups out there. How there are others out in this world like you, dealing with the same issue as you. To help you through your time of struggle, so to speak. For me, I found it diffucult to find anyone who was the same age that was also diagnosed with the disease.

I was 13 when my diagnosis was confirmed. Sure, there were kids younger than me who also had it but I was only interested in finding someone exactly in my age range. It almost seemed rare at the time, to have a teenager with MS in my area. My mother seeked out many websites and found many support groups online..but still only mothers to children far younger than me.

Now, I'm almost 19 and have barely come across any MS patients...ever. It'd be nice to befriend and help anyone in a simlar situation as me out. Plus, I'm totally hilarious if that helps sway your decision?

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