You can be optimistic with MS.

I’m an optimistic person, I always have been. People wonder how someone who has PPMS and is bedridden be optimistic? After all, it’s incurable.

I am also a person who has hope, people ask me what can you hope for? After all, it’s only going to progress, it will never loosen its grip on you, it will only tighten its hold. It’s claws will only sink deeper.

I am a dreamer, a believer that there is always love, smiles and warmth. When a person touches me, when I feel that soft breath against my ear whispering words of encouragement. When our foreheads touch and I look them in the eyes, that no matter what happens to me, it could never take that away.

It cannot.

We always know, that deep down, it will never win. It will try, it will never stop. But we will always adapt, we always find ways to make our lives continue. To always find our smiles.

I am an optimistic person, I know in my heart that I will win. It can take my body, but it will never take my spirit, it will never take my heart.

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