Overnight Sensation!

Sensation can be a good thing or, as in my case, a not so good thing.

In 1994, I lived where I could walk around the lake, 2 miles around. So, I walked it one day, came home, went to sleep that night, and when I woke up and got out of bed, my right leg was dragging. I thought I slept on it wrong and went to work. Fast forward two months later, leg still dragging, I saw a Neurologist who did some motor skill test etc., and informed me that I had either a brain tumor or RRMS. I told him I choose MS cuz no one is opening my head, I'm not a fan of brain salad surgery!

Well, here I am, 23 years later, wheelchair bound. My right leg and arm have been non functional since day one. I started using a cane about a year in, then a walker, which I used up until 2013. I now have a power wheelchair which I use in house only. For shopping or long distances, I have a GOGO small power chair which I call my little red Mustang! That was my favorite car when I drove. I have cried, laughed, adapted, adjusted, and accepted my condition, but always positive for the future and enjoy life fully. All you need is love!

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