Pain Doctors

I have talked about being referred to a pain doctor on our site earlier.

Here is my experience... I saw the doctor, he assured me he could help with the pain that is my entire body. First he inserted two needles in the back of my neck and I spent three days holding ice packs on the area every hour.

Pain management procedure

From there he scheduled me to get needles inserted in my back on the outer covering of the spinal cord. This was 70 miles from where I live and I was to be put to sleep. After reading extensively I decided not to do the back since it would only help on the left back and leg. I canceled that procedure and went back to my next appointment. He walked in and was furious asking why I canceled that procedure. I proceeded to tell him transportation, being put to sleep at 78, plus the $$$ involved to only benefit one part of my body.

I was lucky to get away

He leaped up out of his chair and said if you are not going to follow my instructions without question, then you just don't need to ever come back. As he went out the door he turned and said, "Goodbye." When I went to check out the lady said your file has been marked to never see you again.

I left there thinking this doc was a bit of a quack and I was lucky to get away from him. I think it all settled down to Medicare and my $$$.


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