Personal Triumph

My father passed away on September 22, 2020. It was really hard. My sister is a remarkable lady. Sitting at my kitchen table we are a mess. After arrangements were made, I came up with the idea that the only positive memory of the three of us together was to go to Chester Massachusetts. Its a beautiful place. More forest than anything. We as a family used to fish there before our parents went through their divorce. I told myself I can do this. Really I had my sister saying you got this. I drove us about 30 minutes to Chester. The town made our old stomping grounds a park. Didn't change much. We made our way to the river. Uneven terrain I was stumbling but made my way to the river bank. We spread my fathers ashes along the shore. Now I'm a mess. Physically and mentally. But my sister said take your time going back up. I eventually said well if I can't walk up I'll crawl up. I made it back to the path. And started laughing. Stood up and said its better than crying. Its a personal victory for me because I didn't have any mobility aids helping me navigate the terrain and made the sad situation a laughable happy one. We both have MS. Its positive thing to have us together.

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