You have MS but it doesn't have you

MS StoriesI am from a small town in Colorado. I lived there my whole life went to school and graduated here. Out of high school I started to work in the great oil field.. we would travel from Colorado to Texas to work. Work ended up slowing down in Colorado so I ended up moving to Texas with my wife..

About 2 years later I was on a night shift. Fracturing is a very physical job sometimes so being sore or pulling a muscle is common. When I woke up one morning I had limited movement in my right hand. Later on in the week I couldn't pick up a pen and write my name. Thinking I pulled a muscle I turned it in to work being we have to turn everything in that is a possible injury. Later on in the week I was noticing weakness in my legs. I was now starting to wonder... maybe a pinched nerve?

I am not from here so I looked online and set an appointment with the first neuro I see.. not knowing he was a surgeon.. He took me in and did some tests and asked questions then sent me for an MRI that same day on my neck. When I came back he had already looked at the MRI and told me he suspected MS.

Not knowing what this disease was I was worried and lacking information. He sent me to a different neuro and had me get another MRI and sent me to do the steroid injections for 5 days.  During christmas day I was in this hospital wondering what is going on. My brain MRI came up abnormal and he then wanted to do the spinal tap to confirm.

It was February when I got the definite diagnosis of MS. I am now on daily injections living life. Its hard to be positive in the beginning but it starts to rub off on you when you realize there is nothing you can do about it.

You have MS but it doesn't have you. It's not the end just the beginning of a new chapter. We can help each other through this. Stay in the fight. I was a boxer my whole life and you can't give up thats what I was always taught. And I'm gonna keep that always in my mind.

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