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How photography made our invisible symptoms visible

Recently, I was apart of a campaign that started in Melbourne Australia called Seeing MS. It is a global photographic project that visualises the invisible symptoms of our disease.

Nine photographers were briefed by nine people living with multiple sclerosis. They captured each symptom in a single image inspired by our stories and experiences.

My husband who is a photographer himself, interpreted my symptom of dizziness. The other symptoms that were visualized include pain, blurred vision,fatigue, numbness and brain fog.

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It was truly an amazing experience to have our disease communicated in a way that others could finally understand.

The other exciting thing is they created a photography app that anyone can download around the world, that applies photo filters which replicate our symptoms. So essentially, people can see MS on their own photos and share it with others.

I really recommend having a look at the project. I think for people who are newly diagnosed, and even for those who have had their symptoms for over 30 years, there will be some kind of connection in one of the images that you've never felt before.

I know I did.

You can see it all here and there's also a link to download the app for yourself.

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