Pity party

It is rare that I have a pity party since my diagnosis in 2005, but this morning I had a long and heart felt cry. The reason? Frustration with the medical system!!

My neurologist prescribed two medications for me three months ago. However,I am still waiting to receive them. The prescriptions went to my health insurance company who, four weeks later, denied the medications to me. The doctor's office appealed and I was approved. Co-pay? More than $2,000.00 each a month. That's more than I receive from social security! I am now waiting, fingers crossed with hope, that I will receive the financial assistance I have applied for.

But all this wasn't the cause of my pity party.

I am in the throes of a relapse and a week ago my doctor prescribed a medication that will help. The insurance company approved this quite quickly. However, my co-pay would be $3,200.00! That was the trigger for the tears. The final straw.

Yours in hope of managing this ms, Hilary

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