Positive Look On Life Living With MS

Hello when I was diagnosed with MS in 2006 from my Neuro I came home and got on the computer to research MS.  After that I decided to make sure I kept up on everything because we are really our own personal advocate with the help of our doctors. And being that I had a relapse for the first time were I couldn't walk but I didn't panic because I knew what it was.  Went to the hospital for 3 days for steroid treatment and came back home trying to gradually get back to what I've been doing little at a time. Im so grateful that Im able to drive my car and go as I want.

The thought for the day is be patient with your life with MS and things will fall in place and don't stress it's not good for us and be strong we are all in this together the fight against MS KEEP YOUR HEAD UP HIGH LIVIN LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!!

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