Water Anyone?

Sometimes I can, and sometimes I can't. I'm talking about drinking water and other "thin" liquids. The other night feeling particularly thirsty, I grabbed a bottle of flavored water, took a couple "normal" drinks, and started to cough and choke, again. My husband glanced over and simply asked, "Too thin?" Yup.

Using a straw

My neurologist suggested this past spring that perhaps using a straw would remedy that problem. Which it does. I'm still not used to HAVING to use one. Plus, if I'm actually thinking about it, and am extremely careful, sometimes a straw is not needed. Sometimes.

Strangely familiar

Having to think about the whole thin-liquid-thing is very strangely familiar to me. A few years back as my mother was first in the hospital then transferred to a nursing home, they had to thicken anything she drank. So I have what feels like an eerie type of familiarity with this situation. I'm very glad she never knew I had m.s.

Sorry for rambling.... I guess the upshot is.... this Thanksgiving if you need your straw don't forget to use it and never be ashamed if you need to use it.

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